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Free Adventure Released

We are sharing some big content updates for Legends of Avallen today! Fires Under Ynys Werth As a new draftee into the local townguard, you are called on to investigate the otherworldly happenings that have your community on edge. Will you take this chance to begin your legend?

We've just released the first chapter of an introductory adventure that gradually introduces the rules of the game to gamemasters and players alike. It’s designed for 2-5 players and lasts around 3-4 hours. It also includes a guide to running the game as well as a guide to running it online over Discord. We'd love to hear what you think about it! The first chapter for the adventure can be found for free here:

Rules Summary Updated An updated version of the Rules Summary has also been released to coincide with the adventure. It's been tidied up, tweaks have been made, and the list of character options has been expanded! You can find that for free here: Discord Community We now have a budding Discord community where you can give feedback, ask questions, and take part in discussions about the direction of the game! You can join that here: Playtesting Our first round of online playtesting went incredibly well! Many thanks to those of you that joined. If you haven't had a chance to try Legends of Avallen yet, now is a great time to join in—we are looking for another round of playtesters. Bringing along one to three of your friends is the best way to hop in on the fun, but we will of course find a group for you if you sign up by yourself! You can do that here: And that's all! We will next be writing some blog posts about character progression, so keep an eye out for that! - Team Avallen

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