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Free Rules Summary Released

Hi Townsfolk, happy St. David's Day! The free rules summary for Legends of Avallen is now available at DrivethruRPG: Legends of Avallen is an approachable TTRPG about humble townsfolk who rise up to become legends on a mystical island inspired by Celtic mythology and Roman-occupied Britain. On the island of Avallen, you will seek out lost relics, outwit terrific beasts, influence Iron-age politics, defend herds of cattle, overcome personal flaws, master professions, weapons, & magics, and get lost with friends in the entrancing Otherworld of the Fae. What makes this game different?

  • Players: Start from humble beginnings as a shepherd, barmaid, scribe or other professions and then grow into a legend with open and frequent character advancement.

  • Gameplay: Rewards creativity, teamwork, and resourcefulness where a few decisive actions are more powerful than many repeated ones.

  • Approachable: Rules are introduced as you level up, so the game begins basic and gets deeper as you become more familiar with it.

  • Game Mastering: Use fate cards to add tension and risk to scenes; the game will also feature scene, chapter, and quest templates as well as a monster builder.

  • Lore: Iron-age Celtic-Roman-Fae inspired setting and mythos with factions to join, wonders to discover, and abominations to slay.

We are looking for any and all feedback! So let us know what you think. Later we will release an introductory quest and will be going to Kickstarter in the summer. You can follow us with our mailing list below!

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