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Legendary Paths: Hybrid

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Today we're going over the concepts for the last four Legendary Paths you can follow in Legends of Avallen: the Fae Touched, the Primus, the Maleficus, and the Drith-Pict. These four paths differ from the other six as they give access to a mix of martial and magic schools.

If you missed how classes work and the introduction of the pure martial paths, you can check out the Teulu, the Slayer, and the Gladiator here. If you missed how casting magic works in Avallen and the introduction of the pure magic paths, you can check out the Magister, the Druid, and the Bard here.


The Fae Touched

Branwen taps into her connection, willing its power, shrouding herself. She steps across the length of the busy hall in an instant, disappearing from vigilant eyes and re-emerging with the face of another. The Fae Touched approaches the chieftain, who had earlier rejected their proposal, and introduces herself by kissing his hand. With this touch, the chieftain's thoughts flow through Branwen's mind, and she handily steers the conversation towards an enlightened proposal that was, of course, all his own.

Shared by the Reaver and the Mage, the path of the Fae Touched cultivates an understanding of Fae magic. Like the Fae, you are able to innately cast spells with no preparation or any signs you're even using magic. However, this talent is limited to affecting only yourself or another that you can touch. This makes the Fae Touched a slippery caster who's always looking to get close to their foes.

The Vallic are well aware of the mischievous nature of the Fae, and so treat any human that studies their tricks with suspicion, but nevertheless consider any allied Fae Touched a fortuitous bond. In Ataraxia, the abilities of the Fae are not known, but many Raxian generals and politicians in Avallen quickly saw the potential of the Fae Touched and now their talents are in high demand. Following the path of the Fae Touched will see you become a legendary trickster of many names and subtle talents.


The Primus

Aurelia eyes the fiend, forming a plan, noting its numerous limbs. She sets her strategy in motion, pulling magic from the aether as she parries an attack to glance harmlessly off her armour. The Primus calls her tactic through the spell, projecting it into her allies' minds. They each move in perfect unison to create the envisioned opening and Aurelia darts in with her now-enchanted sword to strike the beast down.

Shared by the Warrior and the Mage, the path of the Primus focuses on the art of warfare. You are able to entwine spells with tactical calls that your companions can immediately act on before your foes can respond. Your tactics can grant positional advantage, make openings for attacks, and rally your allies before defeat. This makes the Primus a spellcaster who excels in battle by enabling allies with the right strategy in the right moment.

The talents of the Primus were pioneered by the Imperial army and explain much of Raxian military dominance, with their elite units acting as one to overcome forces of far greater numbers. As a result, the Primus holds a powerful spot in the Vallic psyche, alongside the Ffeidd-Dra, as one of the greatest enemies of their way of life. Following the path of the Primus will see you become a legendary battlemage and brilliant tactician.


The Maleficus

Thrax pries open the Otherworld, seeking an Unshaped, binding its will. From the shadows, he spins a thread into an intricate knot between his hands, tying the spirit to the noble woman he spies upon. She feels the hairs rise on the back of her neck, and the Maleficus slips away having now altered her fate; over the coming days she will be subject to a series of unlikely misfortunes that will make her desperate enough to fall in step with Thrax's scheme. He just needs to be patient.

Shared by the Reaver and the Mystic, the path of the Malificus plays with the Unshaped of the Otherworld. You are able to bind these spiteful spirits to creatures, items, and locations so that they can exert their malevolent will. Unlike spells that require concentration, bound spirits work their curses and aggressive magics forever, at least until they are exorcised or you bind others. This makes the Maleficus a devious spellcaster who takes advantage of weaknesses forced onto their foes.

After the Raxian people rejected their gods, their Otherworld became a desolate place home only to the Unshaped. As such, the mystical arts that involve it have been pushed underground in Ataraxia and those that are accused of learning them are shamed with the title of Maleficus, or "evil-doer". Even for the Vallic, calling upon spirits that have not been shaped by an Ever-One is taboo, and a known Maleficus is dealt with warily. Following the path of the Maleficus will see you become a legendary practitioner of dark magics.


The Drith-Pict

Llion wades through the fray, body paints glowing, hands at the ready. His foes attack with disbelief as their blades meet flesh but draw no blood. The Drith-Pict responds in kind, manifesting a warhammer from the intricate designs on his body and striking past their defenses, unleashing a surge of magical flames that writhe over his enemies. Victorious, Llion takes out his dyes and carefully applies a new attunement to his body for the other challenges that lie ahead.

Shared by the Warrior and the Mystic, the path of the Drith-Pict forgoes conventional equipment and instead uses blue dyes to paint their body with intricate designs attuned to a school magic. These designs not only protect and enchant you, they let you draw ethereal weapons of your choice from them. These magical weapons cut like any other, but they can also cast spells from the attunement of your designs upon striking a foe. This makes the Drith-Pict a versatile fighter who can provide bursts of magic when needed.

As the Druids rarely engage in war, the Drith-Pict are the spiritual warriors the Vallic rely on for magic in battle and are greatly respected because of it. The Drith-Pict is similarly notorious in Raxian culture; it was the stories of charging bands of naked, blue, enchanted warriors alone that kept the Raxian Empire away from the shores of Avallen for so long. Following the path of the Drith-Pict will see you become a legendary champion of an ancient Vallic tradition.


Those are the four hybrid legendary paths! The Fae Touched, the Primus, the Maleficus, and the Drith-Pict. What excites you the most about them? We want to hear what you think, so come let us know over on our Discord.

Thanks for reading! Tune in next time when we will begin introducing lore around the cultures found in Avallen.

- Team Avallen

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