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Play with us online!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

We are pleased to announce that Legends of Avallen is starting online playtesting! Play a starter adventure that introduces the basics of the game and the world of Avallen.

Fires Under Ynys Werth

As new draftees into the town guard, you are called on to rescue your fellow townsfolk from a strange attack and investigate the otherworldly happenings that have the community on edge.

For now, it will be Team Avallen hosting and running the games. However, the starter adventure will soon be released so anyone can run the game. We will also be including a guide on how to run Legends of Avallen online over discord.

Share this with your friends & play with them too. The more the merrier! Here's the sign-up link to join in! We'll contact you when we have a session for you: - Team Avallen

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