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Rule Spotlight: Character Arcs

“She, low-born waif, named after an empress She, fled, but found, in new lands by old laws She, sentenced to die—but, instead, impressed In battle, her stage, inspiring awe.

Zoe, Circo’s Victress, unfelled by man She seeks stranger foes enthroned in veiled lands.”

—Panegyric for Zoe, Gladiator of the Circo

Through the tales they weave, your character will grow and change following a character arc with periods of Resolve, Descent, Transformation, and Recognition. This system is very much inspired by Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” and is intertwined with your character’s personal aspects chosen during character creation, their Motivation, Virtue, and Flaw.

Resolve to Adventure

Your personal aspects aren’t just guides for roleplaying in Legends of Avallen but are integral to the game as well. During social encounters, if you play your cards right, your personality can help you get on swimmingly with a like-minded NPC; or if you have a poor read, rub one the wrong way.

Once you commit to the life of an adventurer, your aspects also fuel a powerful resource called your Resolve, which can be spent to turn fate in a crucial moment. Your Resolve is not restored through rest or repairs; instead, it must be earnt by using your virtue or motivation for good to overcome a Burden, which itself is gained by enacting your flaw. In this way, your character constantly wrestles between their flaw and virtue.

Transformative Heroes

As you first come to grips with your legendary powers, your character enters a period of Descent, where overcoming a Burden will grant you less Resolve, encouraging you to flirt with your flaw more frequently.

Reaching the other side, you enter Transformation, the Resolve mechanic returns to as it was, and you have the opportunity to re-select one of your personal aspects if you feel your character has been changed by your adventures.

Lastly, at the apex of your character’s legend you enter the period of Recognition, where you come to terms with who they really are. You cement them as either a true hero of Virtues or an anti-hero of Flaws, and thus bring your character arc to its conclusion.

Avallen needs legends—How will you forge yours?

Legends of Avallen is now available!

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